Coronavirus latest: US has biggest jump in cases in two months

US has biggest one-day jump in Covid-19 cases since early May

Peter Wells in New York

The US had its biggest one-day jump in new coronavirus cases in nearly two months on Tuesday, sparked by record increases of more than 5,000 new coronavirus cases in California and Texas.

In the seventh-largest one-day jump since the pandemic began, a further 32,984 people tested positive for coronavirus since Monday, according to Covid Tracking Project, the most since May 1 and up from 27,036 on Monday.

Texas (5,489) and California (5,019) had the biggest increases, while a further 3,593 in Arizona also marked a record one-day rise for the state Donald Trump visited today as part of his re-election campaign.

The recent rise in new cases in states across the west and south, some of which were among the first to reopen their economies, has prompted officials to warn citizens that coronavirus has not been eliminated. On Monday, Texas governor Greg Abbott said coronavirus was spreading at an “unacceptable rate” in the state, while California governor Gavin Newsom last week ordered that residents must wear face coverings in public and high-risk situations.

Among other states to report more than 1,000 cases, Florida (3,286) and Georgia (1,750) had increases close to recent peak rates, while Louisiana (1,356) had a record jump.

Nevada (462) and Idaho (248) were the only other two states that record increases.

Having been on a downward trend in recent days, the number of coronavirus deaths jumped to a week-high of 775 from Monday’s three-month low of 284.